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Training for Learning​

Simon's training courses offer innovative, effective, tried and tested solutions to practical issues in schools and other organisations, including:

  • motivating students to learn more effectively 

  • providing practical strategies for modern language classes

  • enabling staff to work better as a team

  • encouraging nurturing leadership

  • facilitating successful decision-making

  • building better relationships with colleagues

Leadership Development:
The Role of Personality


  • Have you ever wondered why certain colleagues irritate you so much?

  • Would you be more effective if others were less annoying?

Explore the ways in which knowledge of personality preference (using MBTI) can enhance team working, communication, change management and decision making within schools.

Leadership Development:
Effective Team Building


  • What do all staff want from their leader?

  • How do you build capacity in your staff team?

  • What is an effective way to delegate and still get the job done?

  • How can you manage all your priorities and still have a life?

  • Where does future planning fit into your daily schedule?

The Expert Teacher: Outstanding Learning Strategies



  • Do you know the three key interventions that will make the greatest difference to your students’ learning?

  • What does it mean to be good at your subject?

  • Why do we forget so much so quickly?

  • The five characteristics of the expert teacher

Effective Learning Strategies for Modern Languages (KS3/KS4)




  • Who is doing all the work in your classroom - you or your pupils?

  • What happens to the learning when the teaching stops?

  • Can less teaching make for more learning?

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