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Leadership Development:

Effective Team Building

  • What do all staff want from their leader?

  • How do you build capacity in your staff team?

  • What is an effective way to delegate and still get the job done?

  • How can you manage all your priorities and still have a life?

  • Where does future planning fit into your daily schedule?

  • How much space do you give to administration on a daily basis?

  • How do you deal with the staff who take up most of your time?

  • Why do we forget so quickly what we have to do?

Interested? Want to know more or book a course?

This workshop focuses on recent research, academic literature, examples of best practice and the experience of a number of school leaders.

The course is a mixture of input and group work focusing on practical applications that will make a difference to your staff.

Previous participants have said...

“A very useful day. Lots of excellent and practical ideas”

“The best course I have been on for a long time”

“Excellent – so many ideas to take back to the classroom”

“Brilliant – both enjoyable and informative.”

Simon Green (BA MEd) is an education consultant. He works with a number of schools, colleges and universities in an advisory capacity.

Simon has a national reputation with many years experience in teacher training and delivering in- school consultancies as well as courses and conferences.

Course fee: £700 plus travel

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