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Publications by Simon Green

New for 2019


The second edition of The Art of War for Teachers is a handbook of practical wisdom, advice and encouragement for all teachers everywhere.


Based on the teachings of Sun Tzu, a Chinese philosopher-general in 400 BC, it offers enlightenment on the most intractable problems for all who feel confused or anxious.


Inspirational in tone, down-to-earth in content and witty in many of its aphorisms, this book may well become a standard text for all who are learning to teach, for all who labour to train them and for all who do battle on a daily basis in the field of classroom conflict.


Only £6.99


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"Only correct" A novel about the joys and frustrations of teaching languages in the north of England  (2011) (Fastprint)

"Action stations!" Transforming language learning through creative strategies (with Steve Haworth) (2003) (CILT)

“The Art of War for Teachers” (2000) (Teaching and Learning Publications)

“New Perspectives on Teaching and Learning Modern Languages” (Edited) (2000) (Multilingual Matters)

“On est fou du foot/Football crazy” (with M. Doublier, S.Haworth) (1998) (CILT)

“Pupils’ perceptions of Europe - identity and education” (with A.Convery, M.Evans, E.Macaro, J.Mellor) (1997) (Cassell)

“Kick-Off Deutsch” (with G.Herlt, F.Dehmel) (1996) (Goethe-Institut)

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